Friday, July 16, 2010

The 7-point ParishWorld Solution

95% of Catholic parishes today have websites. But in almost every single one, close to no one is reading them. Why?

Because most of the time, other than Mass schedules and phone numbers, there's not much going on. No Evangelization, no Catechesis. No reason for parish members to come back for repeat visits.

ParishWorld offers a different, we-think-outside-of-the-box solution. We offer you websites that make a Catholic difference.

Our 7-Point ParishWorld Ministry Solution:


2. It comes PRE-LOADED WITH OVER 8,000 CATHOLIC ARTICLES already built into the website.

3. Each week we load about 30 new articles to your website - mostly based on the Readings for Sunday. LECTIONARY-BASED CATECHESIS.

4. We then empower you to take control. Your parish can easily enter as many articles, photos, videos, etc as you want. NO PROGRAMMING KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED.

5. Your parish website emails itself to members of your parish every Friday morning. A VERY EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION MEDIUM.

6. FREE TRAINING for your staff/volunteers who will manage your website.

7. FREE SYSTEM UPGRADES to future technical advancements.

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